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About the program

Welcome to Kids Code Club Africa 2023, the 5th edition of our flagship programme designed to impact the lives of young persons in Africa. Our aim this year is to get 2,000 students into the programme. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about the KCCA 2023 programme:

Special Features of the 2023 Edition:

The Kids Code Club Africa 2023 has some exciting features, including an intense Bootcamp and Hackathon, as well as the introduction of two interesting programmes: BlockChain Development and Entrepreneurship.

a. The Bootcamp

This is a free, practical digital capacity building and mentorship project, designed to equip participants with the necessary coding skills. The boot camp for this year is a hybrid one, which means that it is both physical and virtual. It would take place in six states, including Plateau and Abuja, inclusive. We are expecting to have 2,000 participants.

b. Kids in Tech

Conference & Hackathon The kids in tech conference is the showcasing of the talents domiciled in kids, the coming together of critical digital tech stakeholders, educational organizations and professionals, STEM educationists, federal and state government ministries and departments to engage in policy formulation or implementation on the development of tech in Nigeria.

The Hackathon is a great way to introduce children to the world of technology and foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. The Hackathon this year is designed to provide a fun and collaborative environment for children to explore different areas of technology, such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobile App Development and build their own solutions using these tools to solve real-life problems.

The Hackathon (Coding Competition) would be broken into two categories:

  • The Junior Category (9 – 12 years) &
  • The Senior Category (13 -16 years).

The finalist for the Junior Category would be awarded a cash prize of N250,000, while the finalist for the Senior category would be awarded a cash prize of N300,000.

Program timetable:

March - July 2023

Application portal

The portal for application will be opened for registration by interested candidates from March - July 2023. (The registration is ongoing)

April - July 2023


Screening of accepted students will take place between April - May, 2023.

August 2023


The bootcamp is schedule to start from August, 2023

September 2023


The hackathon is scheduled to start from September, 2023.

Eligibility for the 2023 KCCA Cohort:

To be eligible for the KCCA 2023 programme:

  • Participants must be between 9 – 16 years’ old
  • Should be computer literate (must be able to know basic computer operations)
  • Must have the willingness to learn.
  • Should have access to the internet and a computer
  • Should be a Club Member

How to Apply:

To apply for the KCCA 2023 programme:

  • Visit our website, www.kidcodeclubafrica.org between March and July 2023, and complete the application form (Application is ongoing)
  • Do an online exam and be invited for, and participate in the screening process
  • Pay an annual club fee of N10,000
  • Wait for the notification via email and prepare to attend the Bootcamp in August 2023.
  • Become a KCCA Club member

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of young coders to Kids Code Club Africa 2023. Join us on this exciting journey of digital innovation and technology empowerment.

Benefits of Joining KCCA

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